Lexus NX

Make Some Noise

    Make Some Noise

    The Situation

    For the first time ever, Lexus is launching the all-new Lexus NX, a luxury compact SUV in an increasingly popular category. Built to compete with the Acura RDX, BMW X3, and others, Lexus is looking to make some noise in this quietly growing subsection of luxury SUV buyers.

    The Challenge

    Lexus is arriving somewhat late to an established vehicle category that includes a wealth of competitors. The all-new Lexus NX has no brand awareness, and must fight an uphill battle in a crowded entry luxury SUV market space. Since all of the target consumers for this category vehicle are currently driving a competitive model, the challenge here is to not just introduce an all-new vehicle, but to do it loud.


    The Solution

    WI connected Lexus’ desire to make a splash with their category-first Lexus NX to a strategic insight about the target consumers: the Black and LGBT segments. Often portrayed as leaders in music, fashion, and entertainment, this consumer is not content with fitting in,but rather, prefers to stand out. Thus, the singular message of “Make Some Noise,” infused with a stylistic interplay of music, the drivers, and the Lexus NX, perfectly encapsulated the truth that Lexus (and the Lexus driver) doesn’t just want to arrive at the party, they want to be seen, and they want to be heard.

    Turns out, they were, and what was originally a targeted multicultural spot was picked up, by request of the Lexus Dealer Association, to be featured in the most coveted advertising air space in the United States at the Big Game

    The Results

    1.5M Youtube Views – As of 3/15/15