Introducing NBCU Open Doors Podcast: Where Small Businesses Thrive


NBCUniversal’s Open Doors: Where Small Businesses Thrive Podcast is dedicated to supporting diverse small business owners providing access to resources essential for growth. Hosted by advertising innovator, AAF Advertising Hall of Fame inductee, and small business owner Aaron Walton, CEO of Walton Isaacson, this podcast will delve into the challenges small business owners face on their journey to success while showcasing real-life strategies and insights needed for sustainable growth.


Episode Description

In this first episode, Aaron Walton is joined by Latasha Gillespie, Global Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility for Amazon MGM Studios, Prime Video, and Freevee. A diversity champion, she has worked on Amazon’s DEI strategies and has been honored in Variety, Forbes, and Black Enterprise Magazine. The two discuss valuable insights designed to help small businesses thrive.


Key Takeaways

  • Know Your Why: To develop resilience to adversity, an owner must have a firm grasp of why they are in business.
  • Adjust Your Role as Your Business Grows: As a business scales, it is important be able to step back and give others more responsibility, authority, and decision-making power.
  • Learning From Your Failures: In hindsight, failures are great lessons, and often provide even more learning opportunities than successes.


More Resources for Small Business Owners

In addition to this Podcast, Open Doors offers a range of content designed to help small business owners grow their business. NBCU has partnered with State Farm to develop a series of downloadable resources that cover a range of topics relevant to small business owners, no matter where you are in your business journey. From building a brand positioning, to social marketing tips to advertising in your local market, to protecting your business, NBCUniversal and State Farm have the information you need!


Check out the podcast HERE.