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The fountain of youth is not the be-all and end-all

Campaign U.S. Editor Alison Weissbrot reflects on the magazine’s 2020 40 over 40 and sends a nod to WI Chief of Strategy and Branding Officer, Christine Villanueva.   Read full story

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, Billy Porter and More Call for Representation in PSA: “We Are More Than a Splash of Color on Your White Canvas”

In the star-studded 60-second PSA titled “See All”, Isis King, Daniel Dae Kim, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jamie Chung called on industry leaders to make more efforts into making change.     Read full story

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McDonald’s adds Travis Scott to its menu as part of month-long partnership

The rapper is the first celebrity since Michael Jordan to be featured on the fast food giant’s menu.   Read full story

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WI Weighs In On US Mobile Ad Spending Will Manage to Grow in 2020

With mobile accounting for more than two-thirds of US digital ad spending, the pandemic’s economic effects didn’t spare mobile ad spend. Still, the format is faring slightly better than most other media and will eke out growth in 2020.   Read full story

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Celebrates Juneteenth During Historic Black Lives Matter Movement Featuring Key Note Speaker, WI CEO Aaron Walton

“Experience has taught us over and over again that there’s much more to do,” said keynote speaker Aaron Walton ‘83, CEO of Walton Isaacson. “The road to freedom that equality follows is bumpy and twisted, it curves unexpectedly and detours or derails. … Our journey, while filled with joy and achievements, is also not for […]

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Ad Age Opinion: The total market approach isn’t just offensive, it’s dangerous

Walton Isaacson CEO says a ‘seemingly benign idea’ has turned into ‘a brutal affront to our communities’ As we total the outsized number of Black and Latino deaths due to COVID. As we total the Black deaths, including Black Trans and Black Latino lives, due to brutality.   Read full story

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