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FX’s POSE Star MJ Rodriguez Leads New Lexus IS Campaign

Lexus has made history partnering with FX’s POSE’s meteoric rising star, MJ Rodriquez, who is one of the first Afro-Latina Trans women to be featured in a major luxury automotive ad. 

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‘Qualify the context’: Publishers see success with podcasts created to deepen coronavirus crisis coverage

DigiDay features Albert Thompson, Managing Director of Digital Innovation at WI, for a discussion about ads around coronavirus. 

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eMarketer Podcast – Insider Intelligence with Walton Isaacson’s Albert Thompson

Industry specialists discuss how Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality legacy and the rapid shift in opinions during the pandemic inspired one marketing and media technology company to develop a new platform looking to transform marketing.

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How COVID-19 changed the 2021 Super Bowl ad game

At Ad Age In-Depth: Super Bowl, brands, agency leaders and top creators discuss how the pandemic and fight for social justice influenced the plans and strategy for 2021 commercials

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Aaron Walton Kicks Off Ad Age’s Black History Month Programming As Guest Editor

Walton reflects on a favorite that gave a voice and platform to Black storytellers. 

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Aaron Walton shares insight with AdAge on How Super Bowl 2021 commercials will be judged on inclusivity

As one can see, the emphasis is on accurate representation and on the prioritization of cultural insights,” Walton adds. “These are filters through which we should be looking at Super Bowl work in 2021.

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