MediaPost Names Best In Auto Marketing: WI awarded for MC/Special Interest Campaign

…The Best Multicultural or Interest Group Campaign award goes to Walton Isaacson for its “Black Panther” effort for Lexus. “What is notable about this campaign was that both the agency and car maker had to significantly invest into a movie a year before they could even see any feedback — and at the time, an all-black Marvel movie was certainly […]

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Agency Brief: For all the weirdos at the Super Bowl party featuring Aaron Walton

As the country goes elbow-deep into a bucket of KFC and freaks out over guys wearing shiny pants, some of you are more concerned with what happens around the football. Aaron Walton, co-founder of Walton Isaacson, says there are a few differences between the way ad people and “mere mortals” watch ads during the Super Bowl. Read the full story

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Walton Isaacson wins Creative Media Award for Branded Entertainment

Lexus wanted to call attention to its technological innovation in its outreach to a younger, more diverse demo, include Black influencers. The agency had the brand engage in a unique brand integration with “Black Panther,” leaning in to everything it stood for culturally. Read the full story

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Walton Isaacson’s Aaron Walton Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award at Multicultural Media Luncheon at North American International Auto Show

The prestigious Multicultural Media Luncheon, an authorized event held during the North American International Auto Show, awarded Walton Isaacson Co-Founder Aaron Walton the Lifetime Achievement Award at its 9th annual Multicultural Media Luncheon held January 17 in Detroit during Auto Show Press Week. In addition, the agency’s Executive Producer Shauna Williams, one of very few Black women to ever executive produce […]

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WI’s Albert Thompson Shares Perspective on The Streaming Service Trying to Take Queer Content Global

For Revry’s biggest advertiser, Lexus, the streaming service provided a way to reach groups that weren’t as accessible through something like Hulu or traditional TV, save for networks like Bravo. “When you start to look at segments like LGBTQ, there is no way of targeting that audience through what largely is more mainstream-oriented platforms,” says Albert Thompson, the managing director […]

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Six things you didn’t know about Aaron Walton

One risks sounding pretentious when name-dropping friends like Marlon Brando and Michael Jackson. Aaron Walton doesn’t. The co-founder of Walton Isaacson, who placed Brando in a commercial and toured with Jackson while working for Pepsi, has had a colorful history which has included runway modeling (the way he tells it, almost by accident) and meeting his future husband by rescuing […]

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